Thursday, August 9, 2018

Ogden Hikes

Mr. Awesome & I love to get into nature and go hiking and one of our favorite things about living in Utah is the plethora of trails and vistas quickly accessible along the Wasatch Front. Salt Lake City gets most of the attention, as the largest community, but those of us who live north of Salt Lake City now have a backpack-sized book to draw hiking inspiration from. 

We love shopping local, so we were really excited when we were at our favorite local bookstore and came across this Ogden Area Outings Guide from the Sierra Club, which includes descriptions, map overviews, trail ratings, and usage for around 100 trails (I'm lazy and didn't count).

There is also some guideline information included about safety, needed equipment, climate, and plant and animal life in the area, as well as information about where to get more detailed maps.

Do you have a favorite trail guide? Let us know and then get out and get hiking! 

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