Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Nifty Meiter Cut Tutorial

There's been much radio silence on this blog the last few weeks and it's directly tied to the home improvement compulsion Mr. Awesome and I share. (We may need a self help group.)

I have truly wanted to share some stunning after pictures of the three home improvement projects we started a few weeks ago, but there are those niggly little details yet to be finished holding me up - a mirror anchor that isn't cooperating, hole plugs for the chairs that still need to be painted and glued on, a garage that can't be parked in. 

Until we get those wrapped up, I wanted to share this great resource I came across in for determining meiter cuts without losing your mind. 

We have a bay window with less than 90 degree angles. When I cut the baseboards in our kitchen, the odd angles were kicking my rear, so this time around I thought there had to be an easier way... and I was right. I followed this tutorial and got the cuts right the first time. (We were even able to return the extra length of baseboard we'd bought 'just in case'.) 

My thanks to the brilliant people at Fine Homebuilding for sharing this handy trick.