Monday, April 30, 2018

End Chair Update

One of my favorite things is getting good quality items used and updating them. I love thrifting and online classifieds. About a year ago we got this matching pair of chairs from KSL

One of a pair of thrifted chairs with
good bones that need updating.

We were converting our dining room to a sitting room and needed some extra chairs. The plan was to update these once we had new dining chairs, which we just got. 

Ta Da...

One of the new dining chairs we'd like the thrifted chairs to coordinate with

The thrifted chairs will mostly live in the sitting room with the pictured grey ottoman, but they will also be at the dining table when we need extra seating. 

Decisions, decisions. 

It's a struggle to decide how neutral to go. Last year we parted with our mid-century modern matching chairs because we'd upholstered the sides with red fabric and had since moved away from that color scheme and, honestly, even that style. I don't want to spend the time updating these chairs only to say goodbye in a few years (I don't love redoing furniture enough for that). 

Despite that, we opted for the boldest of the fabric choices. After all, this chair will be easier to reupholster than repaint. Now to choose a paint color, what's your favorite? 

We chose a fabric, now to choose a paint color...

If you want to read about our last furniture update, you can check it out here

Stay tuned for pictures of how these chairs turn out. 


  1. So many choices, but I kind of prefer the third one (from the left) on the bottom.

    1. I like that one too! As if we didn't already have enough choices, we went back for more paint samples on Sunday. LOL.