Monday, March 26, 2018


Time has been a struggle at the Awesome household recently, as you might have noticed from the lack of blog posts. It makes me think about what a commodity time is. How much we value it or don't value it, always wanting to save time, but still wasting too much of it with needless worries or facebook status updates. 

There’s the time you wish would float on by, maybe even press the fast forward button on - let's just skip past the work week and get to the weekend! Or speed past the pain of the messy break up and get to the blush of new love. 

Then there’s the time you waste mindlessly, unable to recall where those lost hours went. How is it already 10:30?, seems a nightly refrain.

And there’s the time you wish you could freeze and savor, revisiting over and over again, maybe living eternally in those moments or skipping between them. Sitting on the beach, holding hands with your love. The triumph of graduation, or your first promotion. But maybe if you only existed in the sweetest moments they would lose their sweetness. 

We don’t get a choice about it either way. We must exist through all the moments, the lovely, the mundane, the tragic. All of it is impermanent. 

Time to Embrace all our moments. Less social media and more memories. Less lamenting the fact that it's been over a month since I blogged and more accepting my own humanity and limitations. Less worry about the ugly bits and more knowledge that some of our greatest lessons exist in them. 

Less and more. Are you with me?