Thursday, February 22, 2018

Keeping it hygge

Winter has decided to make an appearance in Utah after all; there's snow on the ground again and more to come. 

I had a last minute travel cancellation, in part, because of the weather. I found myself here with family when I expected to be gone, so last night we decided to make the most of it. 

We lit a candle on the kitchen table, pulled some steaks out of the freezer and opened a bottle of wine. This is an unexpected pleasure on a Wednesday night, but sometimes you need to celebrate the everyday. 

After dinner we retired to the living room in front of the fire where we read each other questions from Table Topics and had conversations ranging from 'which is better the beach or the mountains?' to 'self determination versus predestination'.

Sometimes when you're hanging out with family it can feel like there's nothing to talk about. Maybe it would just be easier to watch tv and zone out. But, if you're at a loss for topics of conversation (and don't get me wrong, silently reading or crafting is fine too) and want to connect with your loved one's there are options. 

To get the conversation started, consider: 
This website
This app
This game

It was a lovely evening. 

How do you keep it hygge? 

1 comment:

  1. Nice that you could turn a weather related roadblock into an enjoyable evening with the family. I vote for the beach every time!