Monday, January 22, 2018

Living Hygge- Make it part of your life and thank me later.

     Hygge (pronounced Hu-guh) is suddenly all the rage and unlike most things that lose their relevancy in a short time (I'm looking at you, barn doors, gray walls and ship lap), this Danish import I hope is here to stay.  Hygge, is about comfort and coziness. Sitting on the couch, the fire in the fireplace, candles lit on the mantle and relaxing music playing in the background. No television, no computer, just Mrs. Awesome, our dorkie dog Ngila (she's Dachshund and Yorkshire Terrier), me, books, a puzzle or coloring books. Making the time to just unplug and mindfully practice hygge has been remarkable in just how relaxing and calming it is after a busy day. 
     The beauty of hygge is its simplicity. You likely have everything you need already. Check out more about it here. We've been incorporating Hygge into our every day lives since before Christmastime, cooking together, enjoying a cup of tea on our kitchen bench, doing yoga or just watching the sunset or the snow fall. We also devote a few nights each week to hygge, making dinner together and eating with a candle burning on the table, then spending time in the living room together as we relax and embrace the mindset of comfort and coziness.

     In the few months since we began practicing hygge, I've come to realize a few things. 

     Firstly, I love the time I get to spend with Mrs. Awesome, just relaxing and hanging out. Sharing a cup of tea or mulled wine, or reading and talking is so much more enjoyable then any show or movie. Ever. We share the experience and that's special. 

     Secondly, without the television demanding my attention, I can truly relax and enjoy being present and mindful of my surroundings and live consciously. Mrs. Awesome here beside me, the fireplace crackling, soft music in the background, my hand knit wool socks, the book in my hand, petting our dog as she snuggles in the gap between us.

     I've also learned that the more we practice hygge, embracing comfort and coziness, the more I look for opportunities to practice it. Last Monday we hiked a section of the mountains near our home. It was snowy on the trail and it took a couple of hours to get in about 4 miles, but it was incredibly beautiful. Ngila hiked with us for the first time and we saw a cow moose and her yearling calf. As we headed home from the cold hike I looked forward to the sausages and sauerkraut we'd put in the slow cooker earlier in the day, homemade bread and we'd invited a friend to join us for dinner. We talked and laughed and enjoyed the meal and afterwards sat around the table and put together a couple puzzles. What a great day, and I know there are many more to come.

     Here's something else I've come to understand. Life is busy- but being busy isn't what this one wild and precious life was meant for. The time we take to take care of ourselves, deepen our relationships with loved ones and friends, and sharing quality time together making memories- that, in my opinion is perhaps the best way to spend our limited free time and make a loved lived life. I encourage you to try to incorporate some hygge into your life and see if it doesn't make a difference!