Thursday, January 11, 2018

30 Day Yoga Journey

One of the ways I am embracing the new year is through Yoga with Adriene's 30 Day Yoga Journey. This is the fourth year running that Yoga with Adriene has kicked off the new year with a 30 day commitment to yoga. It's such a wonderful way to start the new year and last year was the first time I successfully completed the yoga event. 

Well, as it happens, I committed to participating again this year and then, well, life. There were some long travel days (for fun adventures, but it's hard to do yoga in a moving car) and prepping for heading out of town that kept me up until 2 am. So, in the end, I did Day 1 and next thing I knew it was January 7 and I hadn't done yoga since January 2. But, you know what, this is my (or your) 30 Day Yoga Journey. It doesn't have to follow anyone else's timeline. So, come January 8, I did Day 2 and now I'm back on track for my 30-days of yoga commitment.

In the past I might have given up, but a little self-compassion goes a long way and the important thing is to try. 

A few words of endorsement for Yoga with Adriene: Many times people get scared off by yoga thinking they can't do it, but there's no need to worry with Yoga with Adriene. She makes yoga accessible no matter what your fitness or flexibility level. Plus, she's a hoot. So watching her, you're sure to get a chuckle. 


  1. Compassion for ourselves is sometimes a hard thing to do...glad you have learned this important lesson already.