Thursday, November 16, 2017

Practice Hygge this Winter

Are you like me, staring out the window at a grey day wondering where summer went? It's hard to stay upbeat when the weather is dreary and the days are short, but I was inspired by something I was reading the other day. Since 2012, a happiness survey has been conducted to figure out where the happiest countries in the world are and what they're doing right (Spoiler alert: none of the happiest countries are tropical paradises). 

Denmark, home of seventeen hours of darkness in the winter, is consistently one of the happiest countries in the world. They were just knocked out of the top spot this year by Norway. Entire books have been written about the dynamics of happiest countries, so this isn't where I will explore my hypotheses about why, but a gem from Denmark is their practice of Hygge the concept of which sort of translates into candlelit coziness and well being.

This winter Mr. Awesome & I have some ideas of how you can bring some Hygge (pronounced Hue-gah) and some happiness into cold, dark winter days:
1) Plan a game night with your family or friends
2) Read by the fire (or space heater)
3) Eat dinner by candlelight
4) Learn a great indoor hobby, like knitting
5) Make your inside space cozy and comfortable by decluttering and surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy
6) Light a candle on your desk while you work
7) Do yoga by candlelight
8) Practice self-massage
9) Run a bath
10) Bake something! There's nothing cozier than the rhythmic processes of baking, the warmth coming from the stove, the smells filling the air, and then indulging in something warm from the oven
11) Share your baked goods with a neighbor
12) Brew a cuppa
13) Tackle a puzzle 
14) Write a letter - to yourself, someone you admire, someone who might be alone this winter
15) Create a pretty landscape to look at out the window - white lights in a single tree, gnomes peeking out of the snow, a snowman, pine boughs on your window ledge, something that will make you smile to see
16) Host an activity - potluck, make holiday decorations, movie night, etc.

How do you practice Hygge? We'd love to hear your thoughts below. 

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  1. Winters are always good if you have not to face bad circumstances. But the only thing i dislike about winters is my allergy that gets worse with the weather change.