Friday, October 27, 2017

Utah Pumpkinmaker Cocktail

Utah Pumpkinmaker Cocktail Recipe, using local

     It's Fall Cocktail Friday! This week is an autumnal take on the classic Boilermaker drink using a pair of Utah local brews - Wasatch Brewery's Black o' Lantern Pumpkin Stout and Ogden's Own Distillery's Underground Herbal Spirit. People often think that no one in Utah drinks, but there are plenty of us out there, and though Utah can have some funky liquor laws there are still excellent local breweries and distilleries. The Utah Pumpkinmaker Cocktail is for the savory cocktail lover. Both Underground and the Pumpkin Stout are excellent on their own.
     Underground is a liqueur containing 33 different herbs and spices. It has a lower sugar content than most liqueurs, which means firstly, all of those 33 flavors dance across your palate as you enjoy it, and secondly it isn't nearly as syrupy as many other liqueurs. 
     Black o' Lantern has Imperial roots... Imperial Stout roots that is, to which pumpkin and spices are added. Beer Advocate gives it a 3.7/5 and I find that the balance of the stout, pumpkin and spices are excellent with enough malt and hop to keep the beer from being too cloying as can sometimes be the case.

So you take the brilliance of the pumpkin stout with the spiciness of Underground add a dose of Halloween Frankensteinian experimentation and you create a savory pumpkin pie in a glass, with a kick! It's ALIVE!!!


1 can of Wasatch Black o'Lantern (or your favorite pumpkin ale)
1 oz. shot of Underground (or a herbal liqueur such as J├Ągermeister)


Pour the beer into a pint glass and Underground into a shot glass. Drop the shot of Underground into your glass of pumpkin ale and enjoy (responsibly)!

There is a great debate about whether the shot should be dropped in the beer or served on the side for the traditional Boilermaker. That's for you to decide, but for the Utah Pumpkinmaker you want to meld the flavors.

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