Sunday, October 29, 2017

Host a Sweater Pumpkin Party

Crafting is fun, but crafting with friends is even better. Have some fall fun by hosting a Sweater Pumpkin Making Party. You just need a few quick things:

1) Friends or acquaintances
2) Consumable Sweater pumpkin makings: old sweaters (I got mine at Goodwill); polyfil (I got mine at Saver's); yarn; embroidery floss; and sticks for stems (I gathered mine from my yard and baked them in a 170F oven for several hours)
3) Hardware: Scissors or cutting mat with cutting roller, hot glue gun

We followed this video for our sweater making, and it's really easy. 

Hosting the pumpkin making party is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1) Pick a day and invite your friends; I like to use Facebook events. 
2) Plan a potluck, if you want. I threw together some Chili Mac in the crock pot and friends brought sides and dessert. I have some ideas for fall cocktails too! 
3) You can either provide the sweaters and essentials, let's say you're cleaning out your closet, or have friends bring their own.

You don't have to follow a traditional color scheme for your sweater pumpkins. Go with
what works with your decor! 

One of the great things about making sweater pumpkins, is that they don't have to be perfect! When was the last time you saw a perfect pumpkin? Have fun with it! Share a picture of how your pumpkins turn out!  

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