Thursday, May 4, 2017

Budget Bathroom Reno Update

A few weeks ago, we shared our low-cost upcoming bathroom renovation that we're trying to bring in for a budget of $500. 

This $500 needs to buy:
  • Bathroom vanity
  • Sink faucet
  • Floor tile
  • Light fixture
  • New mirror or wood to frame existing mirror
  • Paint
  • Supplies for install i.e. mastic, grout, spacers, etc. (this will likely be the part that kills the budget)
Of course, I suddenly realized last night that if we are installing a new nickel sink fixture and retiling the bath, that means we'll need nickel shower/tub fixtures too. (Insert forehead slap.) So add that to the list, we like a challenge right?

  • Tub and shower faucet
We already had the wall tile, so that isn't included in the budget (thank goodness or we'd be sunk). 

So, how are we doing so far? 
  • Bathroom vanity - $100
  • Sink faucet - $20 (And it's a Moen!!!!)
  • Floor tile - $45
  • Light fixture - $25
  • New mirror - $20 
  • Paint
  • Towel hooks
  • Supplies for install i.e. mastic, grout, spacers, etc. (this will likely be the part that kills the budget)
  • Tub and shower faucet
So we're sitting at $210 right now. I am worried about the cost of the tub/shower faucets. At home improvement stores they're over $100 to start. Yikes. I am hoping to sell some of the things we're taking out of the bathroom to help offset costs. 

Here's our $100 vanity. You can see the $45 floor tile below.
The strip tile is what we'll be using in the shower stall. 

So, how are we doing this? Resell sites and patience. Here in Utah, KSL Classifieds rule supreme. I generally don't even bother looking elsewhere. And living along the Wasatch front, where 80% of the state's populations habitats, means there are plenty of options to choose from as long as you're willing to drive a bit. (Any of our readers who live in a big city will have this benefit as well).

Patience is also important. We've been accruing the pieces for this bathroom renovation over the past month or so. This isn't a problem for us as we balance getting what we need with working and living, but if you impulsively decide to renovate your bathroom this weekend, you're not going to be able to do it on the cheap. We also spend a good deal of time looking through listings. Mrs. Awesome scrolls through listings instead of facebook surfing, so again, this isn't a problem for us. It can be fun to see what people are selling, such as these crazy chairs, which can lead to hilarious text exchanges with friends. 

You never know what amazingness you might come across
when looking through online classifieds. 
If you don't live in Utah here are some other ideas of places to find deals for your next renovation project: 
  • Facebook Marketplace - an easy way to find listings in your area
  • Ebay - an oldy, but goody. This is where we found our copper sink for our outdoor kitchen. 
  • Letgo - find bargains in your zip code
  • 5miles - more area specific deals
  • And there is always Craig's List
  • And don't forget to check out your local newspaper's websites. Most newspapers have classifieds, though many cost for people to post, so it can be hit or miss. 
There are, of course, many, many resell sites. Buzzfeed has an article about great places to find used furniture online, but you won't get a bargain for most of these, because many require sellers to set up shops, which you're only going to do if you sell furniture to make a profit, which means less savings for bargain hunters. 

Stay tuned as we continue to gather the pieces we need for the bathroom reno! We are talking timeline next. We think we're ready for demo!

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