Friday, April 21, 2017

Spitz SLC Restaurant Review

I don't recall the first time I had a Doner Kebab, but I think it was in Germany or England, but maybe it was New York where the foot carts selling them seem as ubiquitous as the hot dog carts of yore. Either way, doner kebab is awesome and we were really excited about having doner in our area. We recently visited with a group of friends on a Friday night and Spitz SLC did not disappoint.

Walking through the door, you immediately sense it's a fun vibe. The walls are brightly decorated with street art style spray painted stencils, and the chalked "alt lake city" over the bar area says it all. This particular night they had a live DJ. We found a table in fairly short order, but be aware that they don't take reservations and we saw some poor souls cowering at the small table by the door. Friends who have visited during the day shared that it's a completely different place at lunch time, filled with business folks, lots of light, and much quieter. Either sounds good to me.

The menu has a nice selection of options and they have choices for vegetarians and vegans as well. You order at the counter, but even with it being as busy as it was, our orders arrived quickly and accurately. I ordered the Doner Salad with mixed meats, having a sampling of their beef, lamb and chicken doner. The salad was vibrant, fresh and included pepperoncinis, crispy garbanzo beans, feta cheese, kalamata olives, and tzatziki sauce. It was an incredible combination of flavors and textures. Across the table there were various renditions of the Street Doner, a falafel, a chicken, and a beef & lamb, and all praised how flavorful and delicious they were. The fries were well seasoned and served with garlic aioli. The star of the show (though I didn't get a picture) is their deep fried pita accompanied by garlic aioli as well. It is delicious beyond words. There's only a single dessert offering, cinnamon-sugar pita strips which reminded me of making much the same using flour tortillas, but the meal portions were so large, no one had room to try them. The prices are quite reasonable, with wraps at $9.25 and the Doner Salad or the Doner Basket topping the menu at $11.95.

They also have a full liquor license and offer a good selection of beers and wines. In addition, Spitz offers three different standard sangria's as well as a seasonal offering. We tried three of the four and they were all amazing, though my favorite was the seasonal with pomegranate and red wine living in harmony, but others swore by the red and rose.

Spitz SLC was a great find in the middle of downtown. The food was great, the drinks as well and the ambiance is fun and lighthearted. We'll be back for sure!

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