Monday, April 17, 2017

Home Improvement Scope Creep

Mr. Awesome and I were late to the home buying game and thus we have much pent up, unexpended home improvement energy. I also love beautiful things...and Pinterest. Pinterest is a corrupting force in my life - a magnificent, creative-juices-flowing, how-hard-can-it-be?, corrupting force. Add in a creative streak and a dose of unwarranted optimism and you have a couple who completed 20 home improvement projects in the first year of home ownership.

Having you ever heard the term "scope creep"? Basically, it's when you start out with one idea for a project and the idea keeps growing and growing until it's morphed into something either much larger (read more expensive) or different from what was initially planned. 

This is what's happening with our bathroom renovation. 

It started out buying shower tile to redo the family bath upstairs, but along the way I realized that if I ever wanted a tub in the master bath, the only place to get the space for said tub was by making the over large family bath smaller, which would involve ripping out the beautiful tile we just bought. I love things that are efficient and there was no way I could justify spending the time and money updating that shower if I would be ripping it out in the next few years. I wish I had the $20K to just renovate those two bathrooms right this instant, but instead we are going to China. (And who can complain about that?)

So, now a pile of tile sat in the garage with no shower to tile...except...except that hideous 1980s bath in the basement. Renovating that bathroom was low on my list, but since I had the shower tile, I would hate to let it just sit around unused. 

But, if we are going to replace the hideous wall tile in that bathroom, then the rest of it has to go too. I'm talking the floor, the vanity, the mirror, the light fixture. Everything must go! (And I think looking at the pictures you would agree.) It only makes sense, right? But now my family bath retile project has morphed into a complete bathroom renovation, thus "scope creep". 

If the goal was to pick the world's slipperiest
tile when wet, then the previous owners
achieved it. And that stained grout makes
me shudder to look at. 
Nothing good is happening here. 
We still have the budget to consider though, so my goal is to complete the rest of the bathroom update for $500. Do you think we can do it? 

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