Friday, February 10, 2017

A Pub for People Who Don't Know Pubs

bar at harp and houndAlong the Wasatch Front it's been thrilling to see more and more diverse dining options cropping up. Mr. Awesome and I were very enthusiastic when one of the newest offerings was a gastropub in Ogden called the Harp and Hound. We lived in England for five years and are huge foodies, so this was exciting stuff! 

Sadly, the excitement was short lived. The Harp and Hound is a bar, plain and simple. It's a beautiful bar with great decor, as you can see, but it's still a bar. Pubs are cozy affairs with a mellow atmosphere where you can go hang out with some mates. Gastropubs are that with great food. 

We got there on a Friday night and the place was a mad house (good for them, happy to see others are excited about a new establishment). The music was already loud and ten minutes in, they turned the music up. We could only hear the person directly next to us and this was if we were shouting at each other. 

Not a pub. 

irish nachosThey have some decent signature drinks (if only Utah didn't have their pesky liquor laws that rendered the mixed drinks light on the liquor) and the food offerings were ok. Not gastropub territory, but it's cool that they have a vegan menu. Sadly, when the food came out it was hit or miss. The nacho options were fabulous. Both the Irish Nachos and the Tater Tot Nachos, amazing. However, the fish in the fish and chips was measly. The fries were completely overcooked and our friend refused to eat them. The bangers and mash were generous in size, but still a bit pink in the center (a no go for me when you're dealing with pork) and were lacking in gravy. And another friend's burger was practically mooing, which some people like, but he was no one of them. 

tater tot nachos
The service was terrible and slow and when I ordered a Hefeweizen I was brought an IPA. Not good. 

When we scraped the Irish Nachos into a to go box we discovered that they'd been served on a plate that had vinyl stenciling that was peeling off. We brought this to the waitresses attention and she told us that it wouldn't hurt us. Somehow, I think others would disagree. 

Have a little vinyl with your nachos.

Oh well, you win some and you lose some, but I remain hopeful that some day someone will open a proper pub in these parts. 

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